DECIUS meets the most demanding requirements of dentistry and its specialties.
Its optical system allows you to see the smallest details, further improving the quality of your exams and treatments.

It is highly versatile as it has a flexible articulation system making it adaptable to all your needs. Its modern structure has a design that provides a more comfortable ergonomics, reducing tension and fatigue, maintaining proper posture regardless of the patient's position.


LED Illumination

LED Light Source over 100.000 lux

Variable Focus

200mm -300 mm (Optional)

Manual Controls

Illumination intensity
Orange / Cobalt Blue Filter Change

The Stereo-Coaxial Illumination (SCI) system developed for the DECIUS ADVANCED microscope enables the external transmission of the LED light generating excellent clarity and depth of field observed.

The illumination control the intensity of the LED illumination sends the appropriate light intensity to perform the procedures with greater safety and certainty of excellent work performed.

Ergonomic and intuitive design for greater comfort during the surgical procedure.

The Multifunctional Joystick allows the dentist to control automated functions at your fingertips.

  • LED Illumination – Stereo-Coaxial Illumination (SCI)
  • ON/OFF
  • LED Illumination Control activated through Rotary Knob
  • Integrated Variable Focus 200mm-300mm
  • Digital Filter Exchange – Orange and Cobalt Blue Filters
MAGNIFICAÇÃO Versão basica Versão Avançada
Seleção de Aumento: Drum Type Drum Type
Objetiva: 250mm 200 to 300mm
Campo Observado: 65, 42, 25, 15 e 10mm 65, 42, 25, 15 e 10mm
Distância Interpupilar: 55mm a 75mm 55mm a 75mm
Focalização: Manual Motorized via Joystck
ESTATIVA Versão basica Versão Avançada
Estativa: Caster Caster
Extensão Máxima de Braço: 1500mm 1500mm
Curso Braço Vertical: 500mm 500mm
Tamanho Base: 780mm 550mm
ILUMINAÇÃO Versão basica Versão Avançada
Fonte de Luz: LED over 100.000lux LED over 100.000lux
Campo de Iluminação: 85mm 85mm
Controle de Intensidade: Adjust through Rotary Knob Adjust through Joystick
Filtros: Orange and Cobalt Blue - manual control Orange and Cobalt Blue - control via Joystick
BINÓCULO Versão basica Versão Avançada
Oculares: 12,5x (Optionals: 10x or 20x) 12,5x (Optionals: 10x or 20x)
Binóculo: Tiltable 0 to 60° (Optional 180°) Tiltable 0 a 60° (Optional 180°)
Distância Interpupilar: 55mm a 75mm 55mm a 75mm
OUTROS Versão basica Versão Avançada
Peso: 85kg 85kg
Consumo de Energia: 19W / 0,019 KWh 19W / 0,019 KWh
Fonte de Alimentação: 90 to 305 VAC 50/60Hz 90 to 305 VAC 50/60Hz
Manoplas: - Autoclavable
OPCIONAIS Versão basica Versão Avançada
Captura de Imagem: Possibility of adapting SRL cameras (Canon, Nikon), Full HD and analog cameras Possibilidade de adaptar câPossibility of adapting SRL cameras (Canon, Nikon), Full HD and analog camerasmeras SRL
(Canon, Nikon), Full HD e analógicas
Divisor de luz: Two Outpus - 50/50 Two Outputs - 50/50
Suporte para monitor: 22" Screen 22" Screen